Van der Stap Notarissen

specialists in real estate law and corporate law

Practice areas

Approved institutions (housing associations)

Van der Stap Notarissen supervises disposal processes on a regular basis by means of sales by tender and structured selling processes for approved institutions. Van der Stap Notarissen is familiar with all pertinent regulations and can advise you on all relevant aspects. In addition, Van der Stap Notarissen advises on the legal form of approved institutions and their organisation.
Olaf Smit, Martijn van Ansem, Karin Poppelaars

Commissioned by various banks, receivers and judgment creditors, Van der Stap Notarissen supervises, as an auction notary, auctions of commercial property, homes, ships and special objects. Our seasoned auction specialists are able to successfully complete every auction quickly, professionally and in line with the latest legislation and case law. In addition, we act as party adviser to banks, receivers and judgment creditors prior to and during foreclosure and forced sale processes in which another auction notary is involved. Lastly, we supervise private sales in consultation with the owner, bank, receiver or judgment creditor in the form of a sale by tender, an online auction or an intermediate form.
Meindert Krans, Joost van Burg, Alexandra de Jel
Corporate governance / (re)structuring legal entities

Van der Stap Notarissen is very knowledgeable and experienced in the area of the law on legal entities. Not only regarding the choice for a particular legal form, such as a Dutch public limited company (NV), private limited company (BV) or a foundation or association, but also for changing that legal form and placing a legal entity into a larger (international) whole. This practice area includes share transactions, the exchange of shares for depositary receipts, employee participation plans, (cross-border) transfers of registered offices, (cross-border) legal mergers and demergers, and cooperation agreements and shareholder agreements. Naturally, those activities take the various good governance codes into account.
Martijn van Ansem, Olaf Smit, Farzaana Oemar
Financing and security

We assist our clients in (re)financing operations and the creation of associated security rights, such as mortgages and pledges. Our firm has broad experience of national and international (re)financing projects governed by Dutch law.
Olaf Smit, Meindert Krans, Martijn van Ansem, Henk van de Kraats, Karin Poppelaars, Farzaana Oemar
Mergers and acquisitions

Van der Stap Notarissen supervises (international) mergers and acquisitions on a regular basis, often in the role of party adviser and sometimes as a traditional independent civil law notary. When drafting documentation, we work closely with other professionals such as attorneys, tax specialists and corporate finance advisers.
Martijn van Ansem, Olaf Smit, Farzaana Oemar

A notarial statement has been required for the registration of networks since 2003. Van der Stap Notarissen has specialist knowledge in the area of the registration of fibre optic networks, gas and electricity networks and networks for aquifer thermal energy storage (ATES) systems. Our lawyers have extensive experience in the registration of networks, both nationally and locally.
Meindert Krans, Henk van de Kraats, Wendy Krijgsman
NGOs and semi-public institutions

Dutch legal entities are often used by non-governmental organisations, or NGOs. We have broad experience of setting up and organising NGOs, mostly foundations. The same goes for semi-public institutions.
Martijn van Ansem
Property-law structures and new-build projects

Multiple land use, ground lease structures, urban redevelopment and sustainabilisation require specialist civil law notary knowledge. Van der Stap Notarissen has that knowledge and the necessary experience. We create and implement solutions for complex situations for various municipalities, developers and investors. Existing situations, redevelopment, sustainabilisation, but also new-build projects. If desired, we can also assist you in selling off individual units for new-build projects.
Meindert Krans, Olaf Smit, Henk van de Kraats, Wendy Krijgsman, Karin Poppelaars

The transfer of property, ships, shares and other (substantial) property rights is in good hands with us. We can assist you as a party adviser, but also, of course, as traditional independent civil law notaries.
Martijn van Ansem, Olaf Smit, Meindert Krans, Henk van de Kraats, Karin Poppelaars, Wendy Krijgsman, Farzaana Oemar